Saturday, 8 February 2020

Sparkle the magic lights

A day of love is in the air and all the corners. Be it in a relationship, married or single, the excitement for Valentine's day is quite universal. Often termed as a hallmark holiday, the crowd would be in a buzz deciding from clothes to shops and then for dinner dates. Plans and venues can be dazzled with a sparkling glow from the perfect apparel. 

Dress up for the only to create a remarkable day. Age and stage need not be counted for the universal concept, so move on with the steps to Da Pierro for the best outfit for the special day. Colors, themes, materials, styles, and much more would be counted for the best appearance. 

Traditional tales 

A sensuous look on sarees for the date can bring a timeless charm. Let the love energy flow with colors of passion in red, pink, or chic black. Stepping out in a flattering satin red saree can be an unbeatable choice to brighten up the candlelight dinner. Chiffon, brocade, silk, tissue, crepes, georgette, and much more can be the choice of fabrics and styles. 

A little flounce is always a good idea if the plans move to the dance floor. Ruffle sarees fall in the hottest trend list for the season. A darker tone of saree could be ruffled in love and elevate the look with a pair of danglers and make a memorable evening. 

Floral adoration

What exclaims love better than flowers, and when love is in the air, why not blush and bloom. Da Pierro designs Kurtis, sarees, gowns, or even lehengas in the floral blush. Tastes and styles can be set on fire and get personal surprises from Da Pierro. Floral print and designs would always look charming and make it a lovely lady. 

Peach and pastel shades can be considered for floral print gowns. It has the perfect tint for the ones who choose radiant and vibrant moves without being too bold. However, it brings out a soft and sweet, appealing style. 

Fusion chic 

At times black can be amazingly flattering, dignified, and graceful hue, which anyone might choose for their special day. It may not be a color of love, but it is a color that none can stay away from. A black gown or black saree would mark a spectacular lady. The elegance need not move away with colors. Da Pierro can surprise the eve with an irresistible outfit that sets it up for all. The best shot can be given to a halfway mantra that is the fusion wear or Indo-Western outfit. A fusion ethnic attire designed in personal choice can beautify the desired blend. This magic can unfurl the stun in the beloved's eyes in no time. 


Cherishing the day in an exclusive style can beat all the odds. So, glam up the wardrobe with ravishing apparel for the desired hue from Da Pierro.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Elegant robe line

Weddings have a language of their own from the time of walking down the aisle till late night cheers. Stepping for a chic and sophisticated celebration or moving with a fun-filled day with festival or fifties touches, the wedding robe and theme need to be inspiring with the dream style. 


Classical affair 

The moment of being a princess bride could be all overly cute for all girls. A classic wedding theme, full of romance, fairy tales, and butterflies could be a perfect choice to make childhood dreams come true. 

The royal move with elegant silk, linen, tussar or satin sarees could be a driving style for many brides. White, golden, and bright hues could make a perfect combination with contrasting colors at the setting. At times, chiffon and georgette styles could be perfect for hot climates as it brings out the bridal glow without being heavy and claustrophobic. 

Da Pierro sets the attire for fabrics that lies in everyone’s dream. Fabrics such as tulle and Italian satin would also enter the list of classic wedding moves. Some sparky details to the saree could also bring out a princess look in a soft and subtle sheen way.

Contemporary charm 

With some traditional foundations, contemporary elegance would bring the unexpected twist to the style. The contemporary spin would cover non-traditional wedding apparel and non-traditional wedding venue with varied sets of decor and stylings. 

Grabbing the contemporary charm would choose beautiful gowns with personalized design and Da Pierro lays it out for the dream day. Slight classic elegance yet trend-focused with a blend of customized fishtail gowns of personal choices could bring the perfect sign in the setting. 


The bridesmaids and flower girls could also leave the mark with a styling choice. Da Pierro will assist anyone to let it out for a dignified fashion for the wedding. Be it garden and outdoors or country-inspired romance, Da Pierro has the bunch that would make the desires and dreams come true. Draw the robe line for the perfect curves and edges on the big day. Set the tone for the personalized choice of theme and fashion that would brighten up the day with an elegant smile.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Pin on the winter styles

The season of juicy apples and dry skin is all set out our way with longer nights. Winter lays down for a new collection of clothes to the wardrobe. And Da Pierro helps amp up the winter style quotient with a variety of clothing that can be worn when it's chilly out there.

Appealing, stylish, and comfort could be the prime concern; hence, the apparel needs to be chosen on personalized choice. Traditional attire can make a difference with the right styling for a stunning outfit. Pair kurthis with shrugs for dramatic and comfort styles. Pairing these with jeans or pants could match with the weather and trend. 

Colors for winter 

Winter colors are vibrant and rich, and these hues would add more color in life. Winters are made lively, with varied shades of fabrics. Bright colors could bring in warmth, coziness, and presentability. Burgundy, red, gold, yellow, beige, copper, brown, blue, green, and purple will catch the sparkle and shine. Step out from Da Pierro with a handful of these contrasting and stylish shades of apparel to brighten up your wardrobe. 

The darker the shade, the brighter color choices will stand out, which turns out to be unique and refreshing in the wardrobe. At times wearing a pair of navy or shades of grey could create a softer contrast with more vibrant hues. Da Pierro would help clear out the chaos in selecting the apt shade which will suit the appearance. 

Material matters 

Color alone cannot make the dressing appealing; the substance needs to be perceived right. Human-made materials such as polyester or acrylic take a favorable tone and print that could make a more vivid appearance. Natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen, rayon cotton, and much more are lighter yet dyed with the apt textured finish, could leave the depth that softens the overall effect.

Winter calls to put heads before hearts and choose trusty, appropriate and comfortable clothing for the season. However, Da Pierro provides a valuable and fashionable outfit that is personalized to own taste and choice. Da Pierro stands out to choose the most appropriate material that can bring out the personality in each individual. Fashion need not be loud always so choose what twinkles better!

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Monday, 18 November 2019

Set the style in hand

Traditional or western, bridal wear could lay down a similar taste for all women. Modifications and materials would have alterations yet; the trend would be set on its peak. Weddings, parties, festivals, and other functions could ease out when there is a convenient and personalized product just across the street.


Dreaming and finding the perfect wedding gown or dress could be stressful. The dream could make the attire graceful and chic at the same time. However, getting an accurate corner may be chaotic. Da Pierro could iron out the challenge and provide the best materials in hand, which will be a customized taste and style.

The traditional route

Earlier, there was rush in for dark and vivacious colors whereas, now girls have a preference towards pastel colors and shades of white. Simple, elegant, yet colorful could make the right choice for all the brides. A perfect touch of fabrics such as brocade, silk, tissue, crepes, zari, georgette, and many more can bring out a collection of zari sarees, embroidered sarees, and gem embellished wear.

The choice of royal and queen outlook can be brought in with lehengas. Monotone lehengas light charm of its own, multi-colored lehengas could enhance and bring out a spirited and jazzy facet of a woman and makes it outstanding. Designs could vary from having the dupattas, blouses, and skirts bushed totally in multi-colors where brides can feature their extra glam. Lehenga cholis are usually hand decorated to make any girl flaunt in her style.

A western leap

The step to choosing a gown would cross varied sides from a casual garden-themed wedding to a formal one or a romantic affair. A wedding dress is an investment; hence, every effort made should be to pamper and value oneself. Make a wise decision and choose the gown so that each time, there is more love and elegance to it. Da Pierro drives to have their character for the wedding outfit than to own something picked up from any wedding catwalks.

Perceive the matter

Da Pierro gives the privilege to select the appropriate fabric and resources to design the dream bridal wear. Working and designing their personalized way, Da Pierro gets the perfect outfit complete for the big day. Knowing the materials should not be a challenge as one has the hold to it at Da Pierro.
  • Taffeta - a fabric that swirls and sways along the line and apt for a reception outfit, which brings out a perfect curve.
  • Lace - a material that is known for its delicacy and serene flow, which could be an icing on the cake as it lays the silky touch for the sleeves or necklines.
  • Chiffon - a material that is popular for its fragility and unique styles. One of the materials which can turn to be silky and luxurious in one go.
  • Silk - the only fabric known for ages for its quality and expense. Delicate yet reliable material that is chosen for its brilliant appearance, which completes the royal outlook.
  • Crêpe - the material is known for its distinctive crisp and crimped appearance, which, when worn, gives an attractive silhouette.
  • Charmeuse - a material that took its fame for column style dresses and left a classy remark for a perfect curvy touch.
  • Net - a fabric that brings out an illusionary image and glamour for all the attires stitched. Perfect finishing for sleeves or neckline.
  • Velvet - one of the royal materials ever made into a soft base. One sole fabric which is impeccable for any occasion.
  • Satin - usually carries a glossy surface and a dull back; however, a material that falls for any body-line.
  • Tulle - got its fame by being in veils, wedding gowns, and ballet tutus. Net-like but lighter than any materials which make the ideal closure for wedding attire.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Flow of Colors

Filling wardrobe with colors and perfect outfit can definitely bring a smile on a face. Cotton is an excellent material that has accurate airflow in and around the skin. A universal fabric that holds up for all the seasons. Cotton clothes create the perfect look for rainy days, holds upright for winters and the ideal one for people who have allergies. 

Summer never falls back. The scorching heat of summer could bring more colors and comfort into the wardrobes. Summer can beat the style with colors such as white, grey, navy blue and pastel shades. Choosing light colors can help reduce the absorption of summer heat and bring back the coziness.

Contentment with clothes 

Summer days can be sweaty, dehydrating and might even cause heat rashes. So break the season with summer themes from Da Pierro for the comfort and coziness. Cotton outfits are the best option for anyone during summers because of its softness and comfort. 

Cotton fabrics can make anyone feel cold and comfortable. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton clothes absorb heat from the body and evaporate which helps prevent infections and other skin diseases. Cotton is hypoallergenic and will not cause any irritation in the skin. 

Even colors can bring out relief into the summer lifestyle. Light colors are considered as cool and neutral as light shades will not absorb the heat. Black, brown, bright and dark shades absorb heat and can dehydrate the energy as it would hotter.

Classic styles

Cotton textiles are simple and authentic. These fabrics are neutral and can be worn anytime; to work, parties, functions, festivals and much more. People are passionate about wearing linen sarees, kurtis, and shirts as these textiles spread a classy vibe. 

Da Pierro portrays their finer clothes for all the seasons especially summer for women. Simple, elegant and innovative styles of cotton fabrics are their benchmarks. Seldom, one could find customized and pure forms of clothes. The unique image of Da Pierro is its personalized products.  

Da Pierro caters to the needs of women during the summer by providing the best and trendy styles. Authentic handwork and comfort draw the image for Da Pierro. Catering to women’s personal designs and urgency, the fabrics are 100% pure and authentic cotton. 

A woman’s boutique that guarantees and promises the ideal blend of natural dyes with pure cotton textiles. Da Pierro can be marked as the apt choice for all the clients across and at home. With the help of expert weavers and stylists, Da Pierro presents and provides the right shades to fill the wardrobe during all seasons.

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mural Painted Sarees at Kochi - Dapierro

            As everyone knows mural paintings are found on the walls of temples in the ancient times. Kerala mural paintings are most popular because of their beauty, clarity, and symmetry. Mural paintings can also be depicted on different canvases, and this has made a great revolution on Kerala fashion concepts also. Now a days these paintings are used to make the designer sarees more attractive and elegant. Based on customer needs various kinds of mural painting works can be done on designer sarees.

Kerala fashion world is achieving more heights day by day and this makes our designing industry more graceful. You can apply various other art works on sarees like Crystal works, fabric painting, brocade work etc. to make it more beautiful. But presently mural printed sarees are most popular than these techniques.

Mural designs can be done in different type of sarees, according to the material and its colour the work difficulty may vary. If we chose a lighter canvas, that will be more shining than any other color shades. Commonly fabric paints are used to make these designs. In some centers acrylic paints are also used. Compared to fabric paints this is little more shiny and expensive . Also it is little more complex to handle acrylic paint on sarees.

In mural paintings, five colours are used to depict this art and this is generally called as “panchavarna” the colours are white, black, red, green and yellow. Combinations of these colurs are used to create this design. In the earlier times natural extracts and colours from nature were used. But now these are replaced by fabric and acrylic paints.

Here you have got a chance to know more about this art. Dapierro – an upcoming fashion boutique that offer online shopping for women at Cochin has an amazing collection of mural printed sarees. These kinds of art works are carryied out under guidance of our creative and experienced designers. Visit us and experience the unique exquisite world of mural painted sarees and wide range of designer collection.